Pan Coating

We coat cereals, cornflakes, nuts, biscuits and other specialties with a fine selection of chocolates, coating masses or icings.
For special selection of topics like reduced sugar, vegan or enriched with proteins, we can arrange tailor made solutions.


We bake cut and moulded biscuits in different recipes and shapes.
Customer-specific biscuit designs are available upon request. Biscuits granulates complete our considerable assortment.


We seal our products for a shiny or powdered surface with glacing agent, cocoa powder, icing sugar, fruit granulates or similar ingredients.
In additions, we are happy to develop special coatings, for example as separation layer against moisture, for use in ice cream or frozen foods.

Sense & Taste

For that certain something: We individualize products by using coloring foodstuffs or natural food colours. Also possible are surfaces in pearl lustre effects. Varieties of flavours are available.


We mix components of different colours, shapes or flavours, chocolate- and non-chocolate coated goods, furthermore compounds of various categories, like biscuits, nuts and chocolates.